Troy D Photography | My name is Apollo, this is my story. (Rescue 2017)

My name is Apollo, this is my story. (Rescue 2017)

June 06, 2017  •  1 Comment

This months story comes from


He had a bit of trouble with the keyboard, its tough to type with paws!  (Sorry for the delay)  
In any case, here is the story written by Apollo.  We enjoyed it, we hope you do too!

Canon 40D


Hello!! My name is Apollo, a rescue from Buffalo Pug and Small Breads. Mom told me I had to write the letter. You see she is very dyslexic and has a hard time writing. So here goes.

Well, my doggie mom came from a shelter, and her name was Hickory. She was a whole 2 years old. I guess the NY foster home did not know her 35 pound belly was full of 7 puppies. Well, foster mom and dad can tell you that my 5 other brothers and 1 sister gave my puppy momma a bunch of trouble. Yet, because of the care and donations to the shelter, mom made it after some vet help.

During the second week in August, I met my new (Human)momma. I was such a brat. She was sitting down and holding my older brother, and all I did was untie her shoes again, and again, and again. My new daddy just laughed and laughed at how patient forever momma was. Momma tells me, and all of her students that it has taken her 21 years and a lot of natural grey highlights to learn that trick of patience.

Oh, she is a mathematics professor. She seems to always be holding a pencil and talking to the papers she grades. Though, over the last two semesters and I am trying so hard to learn systems of linear equations by digestion, and failing miserably. Yet, momma never gives up on me, BUT momma laughs and says that she needs to tell the students I ate their homework.

Now, the sad part, which I didn’t know when momma brought me home.  Momma is sick. But, she asked me if I wanted to be her ‘go getter’. I thought, cool, I get to play fetch all day, and that is what I do. I help momma get her shoes, her blankets, and my toys. Oh, I love a good game of go get! Though, I do not like when momma gets really sick and I have to go get blankets and pillows to lay with her in the toilet room. But, then momma tells me I need to Beso Beso (kiss kiss) and wipe her tears away. And momma never denies me a Beso. Yet, at the same time, I have a cool badge and a vest, and two cargo bags. I wondered if mom signed me up for the Navy seals instead.

Oh, tangent (and not the calculus kind; math humor). My doggie momma, Hickory is also helping people out. She has a great new home, and is spoiled beyond belief. She gets tons of belly rubs from the police persons by her place. Boy, I can see her now plowing over all those policemen. She could probably be on the force and save the world. Heck she nearly knocked daddy down when we first met. So maybe I was destined to be a helper also. I would never want to let my doggie momma down.

So, back to the rescue I came from. Momma has started to donate lots of stuff to them, as she said I am a blessing and all the other puppies should be blessed. Buffalo Pugs was great to me, my foster mom and foster dad were so supportive of me and my unexpected brothers and sisters. Now my momma says it is time to give back. I write letters every month to my foster mom and dad (don’t let the other pups know, but in secret I was their favorite). Though, I was sad that my oldest brother got….umm…what was the word…oh yeah, returned…momma was great posted all over this stuff she calls FB until he was adopted. She was very sad for him, but helped to make sure he was taken care of.

I want everyone to know that rescues are not fails, but are bunches of kisses and hugs. We love you on your worst day, your best day, and a day where is just doesn’t work. Oh, and we love bare feet; they taste good and it is how we wake our moms and dads up. Please adopt all of us, we are so good and so great.

Amore y Besos,

Apolito (Apollo)

Canon 40D Canon 40D Canon 40D


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Thanks for reading Apollos story.  Please support your local rescues.  There are so many dogs that are sitting in shelters and rescues just waiting to love you.  Thank you, Ms Bond and Buffalo Pug and Small Breed


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Woof woof!




You are so lucky ive been trying to get a companion dog but the shelter said no because i might go in the hospital ive been so sad.
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