Spring Basset Blast (Rescue 2017)

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Spring Basset Blast

This months “Rescue 2017” is going to be a little different than the last few. There are no sad stories with happy rescue endings, but there are a LOT of photos and a LOT of lovable slobbering Basset Hounds!

Shelly Gordon, from ABC BASSET HOUND RESCUE, INC contacted me about attending and shooting their annual 'Spring Basset Blast'. Of course I was interested! Any chance I get to roll around with the dogs AND take photos is a Win/Win in my book. Plus, what a great way to help spread awareness of this amazing organization!

Canon 40D (Shelly and Eeyore)

Shelly and I met up to discuss the details and what was needed and if we were the 'right fit' to work with each other. I instantly liked speaking with Shelly, she is a very no non-sense type type of lady. After about 30 minutes, we agreed that I would shoot the event. Honestly, I would have snuck in an did it even had she said no.


Saturday April 29th, I loaded up the truck with all my gear. When I say 'all my gear', I mean ALL of it. With the exception of the four walls, my entire studio was in the truck. We had multiple lights, light stands, backdrops, some accessories, a bench and the list goes on. Yes, I meant everything! I barely left room for my assistant, Katie. She was a MUST HAVE and thank goodness I had her with me, I couldn't have done it without her!


We arrived at the event about an hour before the VIPS. The VIPS were able to enter the event at 11am and the general public at noon. Katie and I hurried to carry everything in and get setup. We had a spot under the stairs and right next to the DJ. Anyone who knows me, knows my first choice is ALWAYS by the music. Well, not so much when you are working with the dogs and trying to carry on conversations with people. There really wasn't much of a choice, I had asked to be near an outlet and it was one of the few spots that had any. I'm not complaining, we were grateful to be invited. Katie and I made it work.

Canon 40D

The table was setup, cards in place, my photo of Miss Daisy hung and camera was dialed in for proper exposure. Bring on the dogs! Did I forget to mention that MOST of the dogs were allowed and encouraged to run free? Yup! All entrances were well guarded with double gate security. No sneaky pups were getting out without their humans! I don't think they wanted to anyway! About 30 minutes later, this place was filled with drooling, running, slobbering, barking Bassets! It was a Basset lovers dream and a 'germiphobs' nightmare! My assistant, Katie, falls somewhere in the middle. A full-on, 100% dog lover, but not so fond of the oily, furry, drooling mess known as Basset Love.

Canon 40D Canon 40D Canon 40D Early on, Katie found a Basset that she just fell in love with. This cute little girl seem to like Katie too! As they played on the floor, I could see the slobber rubbing off and the fur flying. Most of the fur sticking to my assistant. I could predict this coming a mile away, but I let them play and snapped a few shots. Soon after, the Basset was distracted by all the sights, sounds and smells and ran off. There Katie stood, covered in fur, slobber and the lovely scent of Basset all over her. It was at that point she then understood what I meant by “They have a scent all their own.”

(Katie and her new friends - Please let us know if these are your pups!!)

Throughout the day we wandered around and took many candids. We took quite a few portraits at the booth too. The galleries are both available for viewing and ordering, if you like. There were many games and activities throughout the day. The crowning of the King and Queen, a costume contest, a memorial service, just to name a few. I truly wish I was a better journalist and could give you more details.  Sadly, I am not.  I may not be a wordsmith, but I do pretty ok with the photography. ;)

Canon 40D
(This is Linus, just look at those eyes!!  What a gorgeous boy!)


Thank you to EVERYONE that came out and supported ABC BASSET HOUND RESCUE. You are amazing people with huge hearts. Its because of people like you that these lovable, furry stinkers are finding good homes.
                TroyDPhotography is always looking for good rescue stories for the blog.
Mini sessions are free if we choose you for the Bark Blog.
Contact us, tell us your story!

Every dogs has a heart and needs your love and a warm bed at night. Support your local rescue or SPCA!


A very special thank you to Shelly Gordon and ABC BASSET HOUND RESCUE, INC.


PO BOX 272
Buffalo, NY 14225

(716)656-1760 (Phone Calls Only)
(716)316-6873 (Text Messages Only)



View the full gallery of all images:  http://www.troydphotography.net/springbassetblast


Woof woof!



Danald Wilkins(non-registered)
Agree with you that you make it sensible in all the ways.
Just wonderful. Almost in tears. The best part of the day was to see 5 or 6 pups get adopted and find there forever homes. For me, that's worth all the hair and slobbery mess in the world!
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