The Journey of Ms Pebbles (Rescue 2017)

March 03, 2017  •  2 Comments

Ms. Pebbles

Pebbles's rescue journey began in North Carolina back in early 2012 when she was a young dog. Her rescue journey was long and varied, and took her through a few different states and into seven placements within a short ten month time frame. After that, she spent another two years in foster, before finally landing in her forever home in Buffalo, NY.

Her journey shows how a group of dedicated volunteers worked (and continue to work) diligently and together across state lines to save dogs, especially misunderstood Pit Bulls, for the common goal of placing them into loving and forever homes.

As a young pup/dog, living in South Carolina, Pebbles's journey began when her original family's neighbor threatened to kill her for no other reason except that she was a pit bull. She was a pup, and did nothing wrong to warrant this death threat. Her family had other dogs too, but the neighbor insisted that he would target Pebbles if he saw her, and wanted her gone from the area or she would soon be dead. 

Wanting her to be safe, and knowing that pit bulls are routinely euthanized at their local shelters, the family did the right thing and reached out to their local animal control officer who happened to also be their friend. The ACO knew and fell in love with Pebbles and promised to help re-home her. She took Pebbles and placed her into a shelter while reaching out to her local rescue people to see if they could set up a safe place for Pebbles to go.

From that southern shelter, Pebbles then went to live locally and temporarily, with an amazing rescue volunteer for more than a month, until she could be transported to a Buffalo, NY Pit Bull rescue (which is no longer in existence) that promised to continue the search for the perfect home for her. 

She was transported to and fostered in a Buffalo kennel (Amherst Boarding Kennel) setting for two months or so, where she continued to flourish, and where she received training and love.

From there, Pebbles went to a foster in the state of Massachusetts, to be with a volunteer who had planned to adopt her if all went well with her dog and cats. Sadly, even though the foster human loved her, it was not to be, because it was discovered that now, at 15-ish months of age, Pebbles's prey drive was surfacing. The foster human lived with her mom who had cats, and therefore couldn't keep her. It now appeared that Pebbles had developed the level of prey drive that with training, could be managed, but not erased or 'trained' out of her.

Luckily, at that same time, Pebbles received an adoption application. Yay we thought! 
 She was adopted out to a young couple who already had a young male pit. Things went very well for two months. Pebbles was happy, adapting well, and the two dogs got along beautifully and appropriately. However, and unfortunately, and due to the young couple's inexperience in handling two strong adult dogs, one being new to the house, the two dogs got into a horrific fight over a bone when the male tried to take it away from Pebbles. Luckily, both dogs survived, but the adopters decided that they didn't want to work through any issues with a trainer. And sadly, and through no fault of her own, Pebbles came back into rescue.

Pebs was then housed on a farm near Batavia, NY to keep her safe and sound until a foster home opened up for her. She was surrounded by lots of farm animals, many cats and dogs while there, but with all of the bouncing around, lack of stability in her life, and a very unfortunate dog fight that was a result of human error, Pebbles was now becoming a highly stressed and anxious dog. Although her love of people continued to be stellar, it was now becoming unclear if Pebbles could live with another dog or animal in a home.

Six months later, a suitable foster home opened up where Pebbles could live with just one other female dog. Training for her was sought out immediately. Pebs's new foster mom addressed Pebs's anxiety by placing her in a balanced training program with a world renowned training facility (K9 Connection) that specializes in helping out dogs with varying issues. 

Surprisingly, the new animal rescue that took her on, did not agree with this balanced approach to training, even though Pebbles was flourishing with it. Their ignorance of this method of training once again put Pebbles's future at risk. A new rescue was sought out by her foster mom, and this new rescue said: heck yea we can help her! She was quickly transferred over to Buffalo C.A.R.E.S animal rescue who also believed that Pebbles was an awesome girl. 

With much love, patience and structure in her life, and with a balanced training approach, Pebbles became a happy and stable dog again: less stressed and less anxious. She continued to flourish over a two year time frame and finally knew a stable home life and environment. She continued to flourish with the training that helped so much to keep her happy and balanced. 

At her two year foster anniversary date in her new foster home, Pebbles was actually (finally) adopted by her foster mom and canine sister. She is now a highly trained, happy and calmer dog, who also adores her canine pit-mix sister. They play very appropriately together, take many long pack walks with all kinds of other dogs, and is currently having a blast in rally obedience classes. 

Seven placements and three years later, Pebbles is living in a loving and balanced home. She has come a long way from where she started. Pebbles is one lucky dog. She is so very lucky to have had so many volunteers who kept her happy and safe throughout her journey to find the perfect forever home for her. 

We, the animal rescue community, hope that her story will encourage others to get involved in saving shelter animals' lives. There are so many dogs and cats who sadly are euthanized needlessly, and through no fault of their own. And for those people who are seeking out adding a new canine OR feline member to their families, please adopt from your local shelters, or from animal rescues. These animals who have been abandoned, left without homes, are so so deserving of living in a warm and loving home, too. Pebbles would like to thank you for reading through her story and would send you slobbery kisses if she could.

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Its important for us to know how we're doing!!


Hey Troy! These photos are awesome! Let's hope that her story along with your beautiful photos help to save others just like her. Thank you for helping to raise awareness for the voiceless dogs in shelters and rescues.
Lydia Kellerman(non-registered)
What a wonderful story! Always enjoy seeing your work too! Beautiful
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