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Kiko (Rescue 2017)

February 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

On Jan 1, 2015 our beloved golden retriever Simon died unexpectedly at home, he was just days away of his 10th birthday.  We were so devastated.   

Maddie and AJ were struggling with the loss.  The next day we took a trip to the SPCA, thinking in some way it would ease the pain.  We had no intention of bringing home another dog, we were still freshly grieving over our Simon.  We walked in to the dog kennels and the first kennel we looked into there was Kiko.  Kiko was surrendered to the SPCA just two hours before we got there. Kiko was barking and looked so sad.  We read his file.  Kiko was 18 months old and had lived in two different homes.  His first owner kept him for less than a year.  Then he give Kiko to another family because he did not have time for him. The new owner was a family with kids, similar ages to my children, Maddie and AJ. They took Kiko in but unfortunately by this point Kiko had developed such anxiety that he was destructive when left alone. The The new family kept him for about six months, most of that time he was kept outside because he was a "chewer".  

Kiko's story was heartbreaking.  We spoke with a behaviorist at the SPCA, she convinced us that we could teach him and modify his behavior.  We adopted him and renamed him Kiko!!! 

We bought a crate and had high hopes, we were going to train him and that the "chewing" was just poor dog parenting.  Kiko felt very differently about that!!!  He broke out of the crate over and over.  When he did not break out of the crate he would manage to destroy things around it.  He would end up moving the crate no matter where we put it. From inside the crate he ate a recliner, a hole in the kitchen linoleum, as well as destroying the living room carpet. So after several weeks, several calls and visits to the vet, Kiko was placed on some prescription meds for his anxiety. It was our last option, we were at the point where we were afraid we could not keep him but we loved him and knew he would not have many options.  Not many people would be able to handle him with his anxiety issues.  We made a commitment to Kiko when we adopted him.  We were willing to do what we needed to for Kiko.

Kiko has been with us for over two year nows.  While he is not a perfect dog, he is the perfect dog for us.  We continue to work with him daily.  I'm so glad we took the road trip to the SPCA that day.  Who knows where Kiko may have ended up had we not.  He has helped to fill the whole in our hearts left by Simon.  I highly recommend rescuing a dog.   It gives a joy in your heart that you can't get anywhere else.  

-Kelly Hammer


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