Troy D Photography | Pricing Guide

What to expect when you book

  • We have a three part system, this applies to Full, Mini and Package Sessions.  
    • The Initial Consultation - Lets discuss your needs and what packages are best for you.
    • The Photoshoot - Either 30 minutes or 1 hour.
    • The Viewing/Ordering Session - This is where you get to see your images and choose which ones you love.
  • After the viewing and ordering session, we will edit the images to look their very best.  Once your order is complete, we hand deliver it to you!  We prefer to deliver your art work in person to ensure your 100% satisfaction.


Here's how it all works

There is no "One size fits all".  We get that, so we've done our best to give you the options and let you choose whats best for you.  

We offer three different packages.  

A "Good/Better/Best" approach, pricing starting at $300.  Within each package there are many choices and options.  The package prices include a 30 minute mini session.  For some, 30 minutes is more than enough.  For others, it may not be, the choice is yours.  

Don't want a full package?

If you are not interested in the packages, thats okay too!  We offer an A La Carte' option.

  • $99 - A 30 minutes Mini Session
  • $125 - A Full hour Session 

The A La Carte' option is very simple.  Pick the session thats right for you:  Full Session or Mini Session?  

Then simply pick what you want from the A La Carte' menu.  


Pricing GuidePricing GuidePricing Guide