We’ve simplified our pricing!  

All of our packages now include the session!  No more worrying about session fees, lengths of time and the little things that ruin the fun and creativity.  We will take as much time as needed to get all the shots we need. After all, *that* is the most important thing, getting the images we need.


Here’s how it all works…

First, let’s talk... 
Seriously, let's have a brief conversation about your needs and expectations.  Once you’re sure we’re right for you and we are positive we can deliver what you are looking for, let’s set a date.  There is a $100, non-refundable retainer fee. This money is applied towards your payment. Your session is not considered 'booked' until this retainer is received.


Next, the session…
On the day of your session, we will take as much time as necessary to get the images we need.  The first I typically do is sit right down on the floor or ground and get to know your pup.  I'll let him/her sniff around, check out the surroundings, etc... Once they have calmed down a bit, we move on to the shoot.  (Some pups never calm down, hazards of the job.) This is where you and I get to work as a team.  No one knows your pet better than you, so you make a perfect assistant.  I will guide you in what I'm looking for and we will create beautiful images together.

Last, the big reveal…
This is the big moment!  This is when you get to see the images we’ve created together and choose all the ones you just can’t live without.  If I've done my job, you'll want them all.  Your images will be presented to you on 5x7 prints, matted to 8x10.  No computers, iPads or screens of any sort, you see the actual photos!!  Five of them are already yours!  Just pick the ones you want!  With each package, you get to choose a minimum of five folio images to take with you that day in a gorgeous, hand-crafted, folio box.   Of course, there’s options to add more, if you choose.  This is the day you order your wall art and any other products you choose.  Once they arrive, I will personally inspect them for quality assurance.  Everything is hand-delivered by me.  I do this so I can personally make sure you are 100% happy with everything.   After all, my success depends on your happiness.


Lets get started right away!!
A brief questionnaire


You guessed it, we specialize in pet photography.  It’s mainly the puppies, but we do have cats from time to time.  My wife is deathly afraid of reptiles, so thats a definite no go-on bringing them to the home-studio…  I’d love to do some exotic animals, but it's super rare to see an elephant or mountain lion in Lancaster. ;) 

Take a look around, see what we do.  I think you’ll agree, it’s pretty unique!  We try not to get in to the goofy backgrounds and costumes too much.  We want to capture the true essence of your furry four-legged friend.

We can come to you or you can come to us!  Our gear is portable, so if you have a favorite spot, like a park, the woods, the beach, we love seeing new places!  If your pet doesn’t travel so well, thats ok too!  With a little space in the living room, spare room or garage, we can come set up our mini studio and do a shoot in the comfort of your home.  This is especially handy for an aging pup.

“My little pup won’t sit still!!”  Let US worry about getting a good image.  We have plenty of tricks up our sleeves.  It only takes 1/250 of a second to get the shot.  Fido doesn’t have to stop for very long!!

Rescues, Groomers, Trainers, Pet Store Owners/Managers

Don’t be shy, we certainly aren’t.  We are always looking for ways to collaborate!  We are always open to ideas and we don’t bite.  (Well, not normally…)

Canon 40D Canon 40D

Why pet portraits are so important...


Lets get started right away!!
A brief questionnaire