Thursday In The Village 08-03-2017

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So what, we had a little rain...

Ok, so the weather wasn't very pretty to start with...  That didn't stop these beauties from stopping in and saying hello!  The crowds were a little smaller this week, but TroyDPhotography made a few new friends and even saw some old ones.  It's very encouraging when people walk up and say "Hey, I've heard of you..." or "You did photos for a friend of mine..."  So don't be shy!  Come on over and say hello, we're all animal lovers here!  

Free Mini Sessions!

We didn't get to give away any free mini sessions, sadly.  We tried!  I promise there's no catch to it, no strings attached!  We come and do a free mini session.  If you like what you see and want images, you purchase the ones you want.  If you don't really care for what we created together, you are not obligated to purchase a thing.  I thank you for your time and we move on...

How do I get a free mini session?

There are two ways you can get a free mini session.  We know ALL dogs are beautiful... However, if you have a particularly photogenic dog (we'll be the judge of that...) I may just hand you a 'Free Mini Session' card on the spot!  It happens!  (More times than my accountant likes..)  The second way is to become a new client of Furry Friends Holistic Pet Spa.  Set up an appointment for a grooming or come in on Thursday for a nail trim...  Both are good enough for me!  Make sure you stop by our table first!!


Thank you!

My wife and I have a great time and we love meeting and speaking with you all.  

Stop by and tell us your pets story, we could talk pets for hours!!  If you own a pet related business (or know someone who does) let us know!  We are always looking to connect and work with others.

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