Cartagena Paws to the Rescue! (Rescue 2017)

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"Thank the Lord Cartagena Paws found her!!
She sure is a special dog and I couldn't be happier to have her in my life!"


(This story is a bit graphic in the details, reader beware...)

Written by:  Shawna-Lee White

Looking at this pretty little dog named Dolly you would never know the abuse and neglect she endured for the first year of her life, living on the streets in Cartagena, Colombia. 

Dolly's luck changed when Maureen Catieu and Shawna-Lee White of Cartagena Paws came across her laying on the side of the road, in a dangerous neighborhood. Dolly was starving and dehydrated. She was skin and bones, unable to walk or stand, she had big cuts on the top of her head which caused her to shake constantly and fall over.

After investigating the situation Shawna-Lee and Maureen soon found out that Dolly had walked up to a man who was eating at a food stand and stood beside him in the hopes that he would share his food with her. Instead the man was so angry that Dolly was standing by him that he took a metal rod and starting beating her in the head with it. Dolly was able to scurry away but the blows to her head caused her to collapse and she was unable to move. Dolly stayed in that same spot for days without food or water. She was suffering the whole time.

Maureen and Shawna-Lee petted and spoke softly to Dolly to reassure her that she was safe with them and no one would ever hurt her again. Maureen scooped her up and place her in the car. The women took Dolly to a foundation called FRAD where vet Dr.Ingrid Hernandez Soto gave her medical care and welcomed her to live at the foundation with open arms, even though Dr.Ingrid had over 400 animals at the foundation.

As the months went by Dolly completely healed both physically and emotionally. She learned to trust people and she realized that there are kind people in the world.

Dolly was finally ready to be adopted. After posting pictures of Dolly on the Cartagena Paws facebook page a kind woman named Maggie Szymanski from Buffalo, NY saw Dolly and fell in love with her right away!. Now Dolly is enjoying a life of full love with Maggie in Buffalo. 

If you are interested in adopting a dog or cat from Cartagena Paws,
please contact us at or we have over 400 animals looking for a forever home!


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