Ellie & Gypsy

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This story and photo were submitted by "Gypsy"
Ms Ellie and Gypsy

My dad and I offered to dog sit these peoples 9 month old puppy on Facebook. We didn't know the people personally, but we did come to find out they the dad trained Pits Bulls to fight.   My Ellie wouldn't fight, so they beat her.  She was always terrified of males even to this day, 6 years later.  She had a litter of 11 last September.  We were homeless at the time, for almost a year.  When she got pregnant I bribed my mom to let me and Ellie stay there so she could have the puppies.  I now have a home and Ellie has her forever home.  Ellie loves to "kill" stuffed animals and big sticks, she enjoys squirrel watching and playing with her almost 6 month old puppies.  




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