Ms Dolly (Rescue 2017)

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Thank you for being part of my first 'Bark Blog' post.  This is actually the second post, but the beginning of project "Rescue 2017".

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Our first entry begins with a pup called Dolly.  Dolly is a beautiful black and white Pitbull mix.  We don't know much, anything really, about Dolly's first year or so of life.  They estimate she is a little over a years.  Dolly was a stray, she was found wondering the streets of Buffalo.  After being picked up, poor Dolly spent the next 3-4 months living in the cold, concrete walls of the shelter.  Day after day, people passed by, night after night Dolly stayed.  As the days passed, her spirit was broke.  She became aggressive towards other dogs.  One of the shelter volunteers said at one point they saw poor Dolly crying actual tears.  I can only imagine poor Dolly was losing hope, she showed less and less interest in people.  Little did Dolly know, there was a young lady hard at work on her behalf.

Sadly, Dolly's time at the shelter was running out.  Dolly was to be euthanized within a couple days.  Dolly's picture was shared on Twitter by one of the shelter volunteers.  It was seen by a young lady with a big heart, Maddie.  Maddie, contacted the person who tweeted Dolly's info.  Once they found out where Dolly was, Kelly and Danny, the parents, and Maddie were on their way to find Dolly.  

Danny and Kelly agreed to foster Dolly.  Buffalo C.A.R.E.S. Animal Rescue was there to facilitate in this process.  When the handler brought Dolly out, dirty and a little underweight, this "un-adoptable monster" ran to Danny, then jumped into Maddie's lap.  Once at the foster home, Dolly was the most loving dog you'd ever want.  She played with Kiko and Rudy, the dogs at the foster home, with no aggression issues at all.

Being a dog lover and a pet photographer, I couldn't miss when Maddie shared some photos of Dolly.  I contacted Maddie and had her bring Dolly over for an official TroyDPhotography photo session.  Within a minute or two Dolly had warmed up to me.  I asked them not to let my wife see Dolly, I knew she would have taken her in a heartbeat!  That's not a bad thing, but I already have two dogs and the town says no more.  Dolly was bit tough to work with as far as sitting still for photos.  I didn't realize at the time, that she had only been with the foster family less than 24 hours.  She had had a lot of excitement in the last couple of days.  Everything was new and flashes of lights probably didn't help, but she sat just long enough to get some beautiful images.

In the days that have passed, paperwork has been completed.  The foster parents, Danny and Kelly, have decided to adopt Dolly themselves.  

Dolly is one of the fortunate ones, not all dogs in shelters find their forever homes.  
Please support your local shelter, volunteer, donate and adopt.  It means everything to the dogs.

Keep your ears pointed in this direction for the next rescue story.

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