My name is Apollo, this is my story. (Rescue 2017)

June 06, 2017
This months story comes from "Apollo" He had a bit of trouble with the keyboard, its tough to type with paws! (Sorry for the delay) In any case, here is the story writt...
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Spring Basset Blast (Rescue 2017)

May 06, 2017
Spring Basset Blast This months “Rescue 2017” is going to be a little different than the last few. There are no sad stories with happy rescue endings, but there are a LO...
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Is Photography a Good Investment?

April 09, 2017
Is Photography a Good Investment? I first read this blog post about five years ago. I come back to it quite frequently. The post speaks for itself. I didn't write it, s...
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Cartagena Paws to the Rescue! (Rescue 2017)

April 03, 2017
"Thank the Lord Cartagena Paws found her!! She sure is a special dog and I couldn't be happier to have her in my life!" -Maggie (This story is a bit graphic in the d...
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The Search Is Over!

March 07, 2017
The search for the Great Pyrenees is over! I've always loved taking photos of the animals, even prior to becoming a 'Pet Photographer'. Capturing a nice photo is great, b...
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